Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where Fairies Dwell

I didn't want to post while the Royal Wedding was on as I had no relevant photos and there are millions of them out there, but it was all lovely, Kate is beautiful and I wish the Royal couple every happiness!
So, from real life princesses to mythical fairies. My very favourite place in Skye is the Fairy Glen in Uig.

 We spent a wonderful day there while we were on holiday. It is very peaceful and has a farytale, "other-worldly" feel. There are many legends and stories and many believe that fairies really do dwell there. Whilst that isn't my experience, it is very easy to imagine that they do. I like to sit awhile and watch the eagles soar!
It is also fun to run up and down the little conical hills.

Or follow the little pathways through the trees.

The Fairy Glen was the inspiration for this mixed media piece that I made and exhibited with Ten Plus Textiles (

I bet the fairies' houses can be seen there if you look hard enough!

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