Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Art or Vandalism

As my son has spent part of the day making a stencil of his face for his Graphics homework and another part spraying large graffiti letters on the back of my shed, this is a topic close to my heart.

It is a curious question that even local councils struggle to answer whilst cleaning some graffiti off walls and at the same time protecting anything sprayed by Banksy with perspex sheets!

                                                      Graffiti removers Southbank

I have to admit to being a lover of street art, the vibrance and edginess of it. At the same time, I hate to see names and words (usually rude ones) artlessly scrawled around the neighbourhood.
 I can't help but admire the guts it must take to climb to some of the less accessible places graffiti writers challenge themselves with. On the other hand, I wouldn't break the law myself and can't really condone trespassing.
                                                              Leake Street, London

It offers a challenge to my parenting skills too. My husband and I are proud of and encourage our teenage son's artistic talent. We help to immerse him in the vitality of a world of street art, photography, zines, skateboarding, BMXing, parkour and music. We have had to draw a strict boundary over which he is not allowed to cross. He understands that defacing private property without permission has consequences beyond being grounded and losing computer rights. For now, he channels his talents into making teeshirts, sketchbooks and repainting my shed!

                                                            Skate park Southbank

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