Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Love My DMs

I have had so much trouble recently over my car, but it has made me appreciate how much I enjoy walking. I am out every day with my dog, so I own several pairs of comfortable shoes and a pair of wellies that I couldn't live without.

I'm not a high heel sort of girl- I just can't stand up in them- and if I was I would probably go for the most extreme, madly high pair I could find (that's the sort of girl I am- though in a quiet way!!!) Don't get me wrong, I do own a couple of pairs of nice, high heeled  "going out" shoes, but they are really for getting from the car to the venue and standing still in between.

Mad, pink, glittery,
Rocketdog pumps-a
bargain at 5 squids!

I do have a bit of a reputation for mad shoes, mostly my collection of Doc Marten boots. I never had a pair as a student, but since I got my first pair, I have just loved them.

These were amongst my first- a proper pair of walking boots. I've walked miles in them.

I wore these for my wedding reception under my beautiful long dress (minus the blue laces). We had a ceilidh and I was determined I was going to be able to dance! I'm not sure if you can tell from the photos that they are white and very glittery!

The red ones were a present from Mr Dotty. I saw them in a sale, but couldn't justify buying them. When I descibed them to Mr Dotty, he dashed back to the shop in secret and bought them for me-sweet!

The black ones are my winter boots and look fab with jeans or skirts, going out in the evening or striding around with the dog.

These are the next ones I would love to buy.

Product DetailsI think they would be perfect for me!!!

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