Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buttons, Bites and Buildings

I'm feeling quite creative and have been bitten by the bug again- all I need now is time...

My poor little dog has been bitten by another kind of bug. He was stung by a wasp on his tail this morning for the second time this week! He is curled up on the chair feeling very sorry for himself:(
He'll be having lots of cuddles today to make up for it.

I received some gorgeous buttons  a few days ago from oritdotan at Etsy.

They are so gorgeous and I am mulling over how to use them as I am going about my business.

I had a fruitful day yesterday and I've been working on some more quirky little houses. This time I decided to make a 3D art sculpture (that sounds a bit grand!) and I wanted to incorporate letters as I am always immersed in grafitti around here!

So here it is, a liitle row of houses spelling out the word "HOME".

It can be purchased at my Etsy shop. Tell me what you think!

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